BDM Business Development Muegge GmbH was founded in 2006. 


BDM has recently concentrated on two major activities: Agency for functional fabrics and consultancy. 

Functional fabrics

Main partner for this business is Everest Textile, Ltd. Taiwan,, one of the most important suppliers of international sports brands. The collection consists of a wide choice of stretch and soft-shell qualities, laminated and coated face fabrics. A significant share of the offer is made from or with sustainable materials: recycled polyester, polyamid and spandex as well as regrowing sources like corn-based membranes/coatings and Tencel.


Since 2010 several projects for the Taiwan Textile Federation have been carried out. The main focus lies on opening the European apparel market to Taiwanese fabric and component suppliers. This activity includes individual marketing concepts and trade missions with one or more participating companies.

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